First Liturgy in Alanson 
19/1/23, 12:00 PM

On January 1/14, in Alanson, MI the first ever Divine Liturgy was served. Priest Micah Chisholm and Deacon Michael Rosmeissl served the Liturgy in the former United Methodist Church building. Stephanie Chisholm sang the service and forty one individuals attended. Fifteen people partook of Holy Communion. At the conclusion of the service the Vasilopita (St. Basil's Bread) was blessed and cut in honor of St. Basil. whose feast day it was. Nearly half of the people present were inquirers seeking Christ and it is evident that the region is ripe for the harvest. Following the Divine Liturgy a wonderful meal was shared and nearly everyone stayed and shared in fellowship. Father Micah intends to serve Divine Liturgy once a month and to begin an inquirer class in February. God willing Divine services will be established on an ongoing basis. We ask your prayers for the newly established missionary endeavor. Father Micah serves St. Sebastian Orthodox Church as its Rector and this new missionary endeavor is an offshoot of that parish. The Next Divine Liturgy is already scheduled for February 11.

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