Construction begins this Week: Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy 
16/11/20, 12:00 PM

Why does this matter to people in the Michigan Deanery who are not close to Ann Arbor?

ANSWER: This is the FIRST Orthodox School in Michigan - not the last. This is the BEGINNING of Orthodox education in Michigan! As the Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy grows and strengthens it will help found other Orthodox schools in Michigan. And we plan to offer on-line and hybrid options beginning in 2022. Would you like an Orthodox School in your region? Help make that happen by supporting the Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy today!

JOIN US! Establish a recurring donation at the link below. Just $10/month = $120/year ≈ $2/week. Or even $5/month! Many small donations build a strong foundation for the school. Visit this link to establish your monthly donation and assure that Orthodox education in Michigan has a firm foundation:


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