Let us Beware of Covidolatry Observations from the Michigan Deanery  
6/5/20, 12:00 PM

As Dean of the Michigan Deanery of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia I no doubt will have to answer at least on some level for the parishioners of our Deanery. Not in the way that Archbishop Peter would as our ruling hierarch (he answers for every soul in the diocese), or the way in which I will unquestionably answer for the parishioners of the parish where I am the Rector in Ann Arbor. But to imagine there is NO repercussion for my work as the Dean is probably a fantasy, so I think it is important, and hopefully an aid to my salvation, to make a few observations about the state of our state from a spiritual point of view, and to raise some questions that hopefully will cause some soul-profiting soul searching for the faithful in our deanery.


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